Reclaiming Our Community

Santi, a member of Xicana Moratorium Coalition, talks at the 8/7 Block Party about how we can unite and reclaim our communities by taking pride in our art and culture, and connecting community members to resources and information.

Examples of organizations that use art & culture to connect community members include: Eastside Arts Alliance, Intertribal Friendship House, and Dignidad Rebelde.

How have YOU seen art & culture used to connect community members? PLEASE COMMENT BELOW!

Addressing Violence through Building Community

Sal, a Fruitvale resident that volunteered to do security during the 8/7 Block Party,  talks about how a major part of creating safe spaces is building community.

A lot of times people think we need to call the police for security, but if we reach out to community members and initiate some dialogue to get on the same page, then we can definitely come together and create our own safe spaces and communities. How do YOU create safe spaces in your home/school/at work/in your neighborhood? PLEASE COMMENT BELOW!

For examples of organizations that work to create safe & healthy communites, check out some of our Community Allies.

TAKE ACTION NOW: Fight against the threat of new injunctions!

In the wake of the shooting death of 3 year old Carlos Nava, City Council-members have begun the call for more injunctions. Overlooking the fact that many of those that organized the vigil for Carlos & his family have also been vigorously organizing against the gang injunctions for months now, Larry Reid was quoted on KTVU advocating for a new injunction (

As many of us know, and as Kazu from the Peace Development Fund clearly states, “There’s a difference between just preventing violence and creating peace through justice”.

As we continue to build strength and power amongst community members and organizations we are asking that you help us to realize our demand of accountability from city government and increased decision-making power for all Oakland residents.

If you are a part of an organization, please sign on to this letter reminding City Council-members of their decision on May 17th to not enact any further gang injunctions. If you are a community member interested in plugging into the work, please email us at

Growing Our Roots: Reclaiming Our Fruitvale

On Sunday, August 7th community members from across Fruitvale came together with Stop the Injunctions Coalition (STIC), Eastside Arts Alliance, and other community-based organizations to beautify and celebrate our neighborhood. The mural and block party were proposed by Ruben & Mikey–members of STIC & defendants on the injunction list. Thanks to their energy & hard work, they were able to pull together other coalition and community members for what we hope is just the first of many more safe spaces for our youth, friends & family.

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We would like to give thanks to everyone that came out to show support & help make this event happen:

Week of Action in Review


“We want education, we we want education! Keep us out of jail, keep keep us out of jail! No police violence, no no police violence! Stop the gang injunctions, stop STOP THE GANG INJUNCTIONS!”

-Youth chant as they marched to City Hall to voice their demands and stop the injunctions.

MONDAY– 2/28 Press Conference @ Fremont Federation of Schools

Speakers included:

Betty Olson-Jones, President of the Oakland Education Association; Candice Valenzuela of Media College Preparatory High School in the Fruitvale; and Jackie García of Xicáno Moratorium Coalition will speak out against the injunctions and draw attention to trade offs in the City’s budget priorities.

For photos from Press Conference click here!

TUESDAY– 3/1 Our Communities! Our Solutions! Bike Rides around the “Safety Zones”

Cyclists ride through the “safety zone” to protest gang injunctions (North Oakland)

Pictures from North Oakland Ride

WEDNESDAY– 3/2 Day of Education & Youth Concert

“We want the funding that is going into these gang injunctions to be going towards our education, after school programs, thing that will actually be helping out community.” -One of the Youth who was part of the High school walk out that kicked off the Friday rally.

THURSDAY– 3/3 Stop ALL Violence Vigil @ Lake Merritt

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FRIDAY– 3/4 Rally to Stop the Gang Injunctions @ City Hall

Youth March and Rally Pictures

Scores rally at Oakland City Hall to protest proposed Fruitvale gang injunction

Information and Pictures from Rally

Overview of Week:

KPFA Report and Interviews **go to around 7 mins, after headlines

Oakland Tribune My Word: Oakland residents must stop the gang injunctions (Angela Davis op-ed)

Interview about the Gang Injunctions

Coverage of the Bike Rides against Injunctions

Last Tuesday, March 2, two bike rides traversed the North Oakland and Fruitvale “safety zones” to protest the injunctions in Oakland.  Over 30 riders biked through the North Oakland “safety” zone, stopping at just a few of locations in North Oakland that have been part of Oakland’s radical organizing history, such as the stoplight at 55th and Market (read the article to find out why stoplight is so rad!).

The North Oakland ride was a real fun evening that generated lots of conversations with folks on the sidewalk, traveling in cars and waiting at bus stops.  Good outreach, sharing of history, and unpoliced movement in the streets.  It also gave us some first-hand examples (*ouch*) of what better ways Oakland could use our money: fix the roads, fill the potholes!!! Let’s really make safer streets for all!

Please email if you have any photos of the Fruitvale or North Oakland rides that you want to share.

Last stop at the It's All Good Bakery, former headquarters of the Black Panther Party (Oakland chapter)

Read Oakland North’s coverage of our North Oakland “safety” zone and Black Panther Party history ride here.

From Cairo to Madison to Tripoli–thousands of people are standing up for what matters most to them and their cities. It’s now time for OAKLAND and the larger BAY AREA to rise up and demand what our communities really need!!!

We need EVERYONE to rally against the injunctions. Right now our power is in our presence. Please bring as many people as possible with you!

There will be organizers of all ages from all over Oakland,
including Professor Angela Davis, speaking out against the injunctions.

There will also be theater and performances!


This rally is part of a week of action to stop gang injunctions.
Please join us for any of the other events leading up to the rally too!!!

Week of Actions: : Our Oakland, Our Solutions- What we want instead of the Gang Injunctions – Mon. February 28th – Fri. March 4th

Day #1: Mon. 2/28/11

Decriminalizing Our Youth and Our Communities:

We Denounce Violence, Stand Up for Education, & Demand Community Self-Determination!

Press Conference @ 10:30am

At: Fremont Federation of Schools (47th and Foothill)

Day #2: Tues. 3/1/11

Youth Empowerment-In Your Face:

Lifting Up Our Voices!

Bike Ride through the “Safety Zones”

-Fruitvale Ride Beginning At: East Side Cultural Center (2277 International) @ 3:30-5pm


-North Oakland Ride Beginning At: Bushrod Community Center (Shattuck and 59th ) @ 5:30-7pm


Day #3: Weds. 3/2/11

Each One Teach One:

Community, Education, & Resources for Our Schools and Neighborhoods!

All Day Teach-ins

At: All High Schools in Oakland

Youth Concert @ 7-9pm

At: East Side Cultural Center (2277 International)

Day #4: Thurs. 3/3/11


Healing Wounds of Oppression!

Vigil @ 5:30-7pm

At Lake Merritt Pavilion

Day #5: Fri. 3/4/11

Stand Up-El Pueblo Unido Jamas Sera Vencido:

Gang Injunctions are Ineffective, Harmful and an Attack on Youth!

Rally @ 4-6pm

At: City Hall

Oakland Education Association Joins Growing Opposition to the Gang Injunctions!

Thanks to the Oakland teachers for supporting the movement to Stop the Injunctions!  Check out the resolution and additional information below.


Here’s the actual OEA action:


NBI # 1 (02-07-2011): I move that the Oakland Education Association condemns the use of the civil gang injunctions in Oakland. Furthermore, the OEA urges its members to attend the February 22, 2011 meeting of the Oakland City Council Public Safety Committee, to be held at City Hall, beginning at 5:30 p.m., to express the position of Oakland teachers. Finally, the OEA urges its members to support the “Week of Action” of the Stop the Injunction Coalition for the week of February 28 through March 4, 2011, including the Coalition’s plans to conduct solidarity actions with teachers on the statewide day of action to defend public education on Wednesday, March 2, 2011. (Arnold/Neat) MOTION PASSES.


And here were the facts presented to the Rep Council prior to action:


WHEREAS the civil gang injunctions filed by the Oakland City Attorney have not been authorized by the Oakland City Council;


WHEREAS the defendants to a civil gang injunction do not have the right to state-appointed counsel, but face criminal jeopardy as a result of being named in the injunction and subject to a court order;


WHEREAS the evidence compiled by the Oakland Police Department demonstrates that police are conducting constant surveillance of teenage students as part of their efforts to abate gang violence;


WHEREAS the Oakland Police Department has admitted in response to a records request that an individual may be classified as a “gang member” based upon fulfillment of any two of nine factors, including (1) presence in a “gang zone” and (2) wearing “gang clothing,” which in the case of the proposed Fruitvale injunction means that any person wearing red within the Fruitvale district can be legally classified as a gang member;


WHEREAS no research demonstrates that implementation of a civil gang injunction has the effect of reducing crime;


WHEREAS implementation of a civil gang injunction in West Sacramento has cost the Sacramento County District Attorney over $2,000,000 in attorney resources and related costs;


WHEREAS the Oakland City Attorney has already issued contracts paying outside attorneys thousands of dollars every month to work on the proposed civil injunctions;


WHEREAS the City of Oakland is in an economic crisis and the City should only expend resources on proven and successful strategies for decreasing crime and empowering our residents to be productive community members; and


WHEREAS the expenditure of public resources on gang injunctions—like the expenditure of public resources on prisons—has displaced essential funds necessary for public education and other essential social services;