Hey organizations!

SAVE THE DATE! Rally To STOP the Injunctions!


Thursday April 22nd at 12:30pm: Rally at the Courthouse to STOP the ‘Gang’ Injunctions in Oakland

To all of our Allies,

Over the past six weeks, Oakland community members, organizers, attorneys and impacted families have gathered to form a broad-based coalition to stop the proposed ‘gang’ injunctions in North Oakland.  In March, the injunction was filed by the Oakland City Attorney and has a clear agenda of raising property taxes in this gentrifying neighborhood while blatantly codifying sweeping racial profiling and criminalizing the day-to-day activities of youth of color.

Impacted communities are demanding the resources it would take to enforce this injunction be invested in addressing root causes of violence and real solutions for building healthy, affordable communities for everyone. The rally is scheduled to coincide with the preliminary hearing and is an important opportunity to challenge the injunction and raise awareness about this Oakland-wide issue.

We’re writing to ask that your organization endorse this event. As an organizational sponsor, the name of your organization will be printed on outreach and publicity materials.

Please encourage your members and networks to attend the rally, post it on your community calenders and websites and take a stand against the gang injunctions.

For more info, email: stoptheinjunction@gmail.com

or visit: stoptheinjunction.wordpress.com

In Solidarity,

Coalition to STOP the Injunction

2 thoughts on “Hey organizations!

  1. Nobody is saying WHY we should be against the Gang Injunction. Please make that clear.

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