ACLU fact sheet on injunctions

Want some more info on what an injunction is?  Click here to download the ACLU’s fact sheet on “gang” injunctions.

Below are some quotes:

Gang injunctions are civil court orders that attempt to address crime by using a lower legal standard than required by the criminal justice system, resulting in serious civil liberties violations. Law enforcement use them as a tool to label people gang members and restrict their activities in a defined area. Gang injunctions make otherwise legal, everyday activities—such as riding the bus with a friend or picking a spouse up fromwork late at night—illegal for people they target.”

One of the most troubling aspects is that they often give police overly-broad discretion to label people gang members without having to present any evidence or even charge someone with a crime. Police are left to rely on things like what someone looks like, where they live, and who they know. As a result, there is a great potential for racial profiling, with a particular impact on young people of color.”

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