Guide to Navigating the Juvenile “Justice” System

Despite Russo’s repeated attempts to deny that the injunction doesn’t target youth, we know that it’s a lie:

  • a lot of the declarations in the paperwork cite juvenile activity as “evidence”
  • there are 55 John Does listed in the injunction, and they are waiting for many of the youth to turn 18 before serving them
  • How are the police, who are given a right to racially profile, going to know the difference between a 17 year old and an 18 year old?
  • The youth in North Oakland have already felt increased harassment since the injunction started its proceedings.

Here is a link to a handbook from the Center for Young Women’s Development called “Know Justice: Your Tool to fight for your rights and your freedom in the juvenile justice system”, created to “provide youth and their families much needed information on how to navigate through the juvenile justice system.”