THURSDAY! Rally at the Courthouse to STOP Oakland’s Proposed ‘Gang’ Injunctions

Dear Allies,

Thanks to all who attended our community town hall on May 8th. It was a huge success. Together, we generated feasible, self-determined alternatives to the injunctions that we are continuing to push for as just responses to violence in our communities. There are plans for injunctions in neighborhoods across Oakland, and we must set the precedent that increased policing and racial profiling is not a solution.

We’re asking that you encourage your members and networks to attend this important rally, and post it to your community calenders and websites. Due to the strong presence at the last court date, a larger courtroom has been requested. Let’s pack the courtroom and amplify our opposition!

  • What: Rally at the court hearing
  • Where: 1225 Fallon @ 12th in Downtown Oakland
  • When: Thursday May 27th at 12:30

The injunction, filed by the Oakland City Attorney John Russo, has a clear agenda of raising property taxes in this gentrifying neighborhood while blatantly codifying sweeping racial profiling and criminalizing the day-to-day activities of youth of color. Impacted communities are demanding the resources it would take to enforce this injunction be invested in addressing root causes of violence such as unemployment, houselessness, and lack of accessible education, health care, and other resources in Oakland.

We’re writing to ask that your organization endorse our efforts to stop all injunctions in Oakland. As an organizational sponsor, the name of your organization will be listed on our website and outreach materials. Please take a moment to sign the endorsement form online:

For more information please visit,

In Solidarity,

Coalition to STOP the Injunctions