Note from a coalition member re: the injunction passing

Mi Gente,

Just wanted to give a huge shout out to all the community folks and real grass roots organizations who have come out to the Bushrod Community Center every Tuesday for the least several months to stop this gang injunction.

Even with the judge’s issuance of the injunction yesterday we have a LOT to be proud of.  Starting with the fact that many of these injunctions are issued after a default judgment with no one but police present, our coalition managed to delay the hearing and get the word out to folks who may never have had a clue that this was coming.

Our efforts led to the injunction being revised from its initial proposal, (including the creation of an opt out process and the shortening of the time needed to apply to get off) created real media interest and most importantly (among many accomplishments, please add your own) brought together a diverse group of people who all share a strong desire to live in a safe community which does not single out certain groups as the scapegoat for misguided law enforcement policies and unsafe neighborhoods.  What may have looked like a slam dunk for Russo has turned out to be harder than he thought and our presence ensures that future injunctions will be met with even more resistance.

Doctor King said “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”  I want to thank everyone for believing that this issue matters and for breaking their silence.   See you Tuesday and in the streets wherever there is injustice …