Rally to stop injunctions in Oakland! Tomorrow 10/14 at Noon

BREAKING NEWS: The City announced a new injunction for Oakland yesterday. Let’s mobilize for these and more to come!

Rally at the Courthouse 
Downtown Oakland, 1221 Oak St., Dept 20 
October 14th @ 12 Noon

Stop the Injunctions Coalition is a network of community members and organizations fighting to stop the gang injunction in North Oakland. Help us fight the injunction by spreading the word and attending the rally!

The city will be having a “status update” on the impacts of the injunction over the last couple of months. We’ve filed several declarations to the court, but there’s literally NO mechanism for community input or defense for those listed on the injunction itself. We’ve decided to have our own status update outside the courtroom to report on the real impacts of policing (injunctions are just one tool) on neighbor hoods and entire communities.
What is a gang injunction and what does it do?
1.    Labels a certain number of people within a specified neighborhood as “gang” members
2.    Enforces a curfew and allows for sweeping criminalization of day-to-day activities for youth of color, like being outside your home or going to the grocery store
3.    Puts more young people on the gang database in the system
4.    Breaks up families and disrupts/displaces communities

We want to have as many folks as possible out there telling the city that criminalization is not the answer to violence and ‘crime’ rooted in lack of access to actual resources like housing, medical care, education, etc. etc. Come on your lunch break and bring your co-workers and friends!

We’re collaborating with Eastside Arts Alliance to create a street theater piece to visually show the impacts of the injunction. We’ll also get updates from folks working with the coalition!

Tomorrow is a chance for us to mobilize and demand what will really make our communities safe, like re-entry services for people released from prisons, affordable housing, quality education, health care, jobs, community spaces and programs for youth and families, and community-based interventions to harm. This is a chance for us to stand up against gentrification and the displacement communities of color throughout Oakland and the larger Bay Area.

In Solidarity,
Stop the Injunctions Coalition