UPDATE: Public Safety Committee Meeting 2/22

Thanks to all that turned out last night as we packed City Hall with youth, parents, elders, teachers, organizers and community members from all walks of life! Special thanks to United Playaz and the Oakland Education Association for showing up and opposing the gang injunctions!

For those that didn’t stay until the bitter end, here is how it turned out:

We made 50+ presentations on every angle of the injunctions.  Nancy Nadel was the first Councilperson to speak, and she stated that she is against the injunctions.  Kaplan spoke next, and stated she had questions about the lack of City Council authorization for the injunctions.   Larry Reid refused to comment.  Pat Kernighan then stated that she wanted to see how the injunctions worked out, and would re-evaluate in a year.

Kernighan also stated that she did not want to see any new injunctions until the first two could be evaluated. Then, Nadel made a motion to schedule a vote on the injunctions.  Kaplan seconded.  But Reid and Kernighan voted “no,” so there is not yet a vote scheduled regarding authorization/deauthorization of the injunctions.

VIDEO: Public Safety Committee Meeting 2/22

We can claim some victories: We came out in great numbers to show our opposition and voice our own solutions to harm & violence in our communities, Kernighan doesn’t want to see any new injunctions until the ones on the table can be further evaluated, and Nadel is the first Councilperson to go on record against the injunctions.