New article from the East Bay Express: “Why Curfews Don’t Work”

What’s going on with City Councilmembers De La Fuente’s and Reid’s recent call for a youth curfew in Oakland and for more gang injunctions?  Stop the Injunctions Coalition is keeping the pressure on City Council to stay true to their May 17 vote for an external review of injunctions before any more are unleashed on Oakland.  And as for youth curfews, the East Bay Express just printed this article  on youth curfews as they’ve been used in California and across the united states.  It’s got a lot of interviews, Oakland context and good information to keep us informed on what really makes streets safer and budgets wiser!

Here’s a hook:

“[Larry Reid’s and Ignacio De La Fuente’s proposal] would make it illegal for youth under the age of eighteen to be out past 10 p.m. without a parent or guardian…

However, a closer look at youth curfews reveals that there’s little evidence that they lower juvenile crime rates in other cities, and instead can waste precious police resources. Some civil rights and juvenile crime experts, including Alameda County Probation Chief David Muhammad, also say that youth curfews have the potential to damage already strained relationships between police and black and Latino youth, and if not implemented properly, can lead to racial profiling.”

Read it here.

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