New Injunctions, Youth Curfew and Loitering are OFF the Public Safety Agenda next Tuesday

Attention comrades and allies! The Public Safety Committee has decided NOT to put gang injunctions, youth curfews and loitering laws on the agenda for the Oct 25 meeting. Stop the Injunctions Coalition sees this as a small victory in the struggle. Our strong mobilizations up to date have sent a clear message to City Hall that they cannot roll through a bundle of suppressive policing tactics without Oakland communities paying attention and speaking back!

On Oct 4, the OPD admitted that they have no implementation plan for the youth curfew and loitering laws. The gang injunctions remain unexamined. While some Oakland politicians are eager to implement martial law and policing under the veil of a “public safety strategy,” communities are demanding accountability for repressive and racialized policing tactics and misuses of civic (and federal!) money.

So, while the Public Safety Committee has delayed hearing these measures, realizing that they are unprepared to withstand our strong community mobilizations, THE FIGHT IS STILL ON.

Join us:
On Nov 8, City Council will be hearing the OPD report on the North Oakland injunction zone. STIC will be presenting the social and economic costs of injunctions. Come join us and our allies in presenting the full scope of what injunctions do to our communities! Come present our vision of what Oakland resources SHOULD and CAN be spent on.

On Nov 5, join us at the Oakland Streets United block party. 65th and International, 12-4pm.

We stand together in demonstrating clear messages that the struggle continues for community self-determination and real, sustainable community safety strategies! One!

See you on the 5th and the 8th!

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