Hey all!  It’s time to pack City Hall again!  Stop the Injunctions believes that we are in a culmination moment in this struggle against gang injunctions in Oakland, and we are stronger than ever!

Last month we defeated City Council in trying to roll out more injunctions.  This month OPD will be presenting their “crime data” on the North Oakland injunction zone from the last year.  Come out to represent the whole picture!  STIC and our allies (you) will talk about the social and economic impacts of injunctions.  City Council is stalling on doing a thorough, independent review of injunctions; we cannot allow them to sit on their hands any longer.  LET’S KEEP OUT CITY ACCOUNTABLE AND CONTINUE TO SPEAK OUT AGAINST THE FUNDING OF POLICE BRUTALITY, THE FUNDING OF POLICE SURVEILLANCE and THE DE-FUNDING OF REAL SOLUTIONS LIKE EDUCATION, JOB OPPORTUNITIES and MEANINGFUL CULTURAL WORK!

TUESDAY EVENING, 5:30 pm, til….?  come whenever you can.  People power!

14th and Broadway, City Hall, downtown Oakland.

We’ll also have stacks of the beautiful posters by Melanie Cervantes/Dignidad Rebelde, so get excited about picking up a some heartfelt propaganda to share with the world where our struggle is at!

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