Social Spending vs. Police Spending trade-offs

This week, we are excited to share with you some powerful speaking from STIC members and allies.  Together we continue to fight gang injunctions in City Hall, in court, and doing the daily work for stronger, safer communities.

Last Tuesday November 8, members of Stop the Injunctions Coalition turned out once again to the November 8th Public Safety Committee meeting of the Oakland City Council to hear the Oakland Police Department’s report on the temporary North Oakland injunction.

In preparation for this meeting, STIC members had also created our own report highlighting:

  • Oakland’s social service vs. police spending trade-offs: what do we lose when so much money goes to police?  Check out these cost breakdowns:
    Oakland Spending Trade-Offs

Watch a video of North Oakland STIC member, Jess H, presenting these social and economic spending choices:

You are crucial to this struggle.  What message do you want to share with the City as we push them to de-authorize injunctions?  Make a video, speak out, join us in our next action: let’s push on to the victory together!

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