Whose safety? What do Oakland residents think of the North Oakland injunction?

In the OPD report on the North Oakland injunction zone submitted to the Public Safety Committee last week, Interim Police Chief Howard Jordan is cited saying, “The fact that the community feels the quality of life has risen in the safety zone leads staff to believe that this is a strategy worth continuing to pursue.”   The report concludes that “people in the North Oakland gang injunction zone feel safer and that the injunction should continue,” when in fact the numbers tell a different story.

Listen to Oakland resident Kamau ask the City Council about facts versus perception and REAL safety strategies:

Together we continue to fight gang injunctions in City Hall, in court, and doing the daily work for stronger, safer communities.  You are to this struggle.  What message do you want to share with the City as we push them to de-authorize injunctions?  Make a video, speak out, join us in our next action: let’s push on to the victory together!

As we move forward, the political will to press for injunctions in Oakland is slim. Together with you and all of our allies, STIC is poised to win a two-fold victory:

  • for  the accountability and potential resources to push forward solutions that will create real safety for us  and our neighbors.
  • against the system of policing which devastates our communities with more violence

Save the Date: Stop the Injunctions Coalition and allies at Phat Beets Farmers Market!  Saturday, Dec 3, North OaklandWatch the video on the homepage!  That was the last great day that STIC joined up with Phat Beets and other rad organizations like POOR magazine to celebrate Indigenous People’s Day!

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