Saturday Dec. 10th: Fight Injunctions, Defend our Communities @ Phat Beets Farmer’s Market

We’ve got a great Saturday lined up at the Phat Beets Farmers Market again this week.


Dec 10th: 10am-2pm

5715 Market Street

10am-2pm: Mural making with artists from Eastside Arts Alliance! Come check out how the Stop the Injunctions mural is going!  We hope to display it in the Dover Park garden and other locations in North Oakland when it is finished.

11am: What is a gang injunction?  What is happening in Oakland? Come participate in a workshop and learn more about the injunctions, the impact on our communities and the fight to stop them. 

Police Complaint and Community Testimony Table (10am-2pm): Stop the Injunctions Coalition (STIC) is collecting testimony against policing in North Oakland in order to continue pushing against policing policies like injunctions. City Council is listening closely to what we have to say, and we want North Oakland’s voices heard.  We will not be putting the complaints through the Community Police Review Board (CPRB) process; rather we will be collecting testimony to share with City Council allies so we can defeat the injunctions.  It can remain anonymous.  Please come by to give testimony, discuss more about the injunctions, how to get involved, or share strategies for real community-based solutions to violence.

 10 am-2pm: “Our Oakland, Our Solutions” video making: Come stop by and share with us what you see as real community justice!  Who would be involved?  How do we care for each other?  What do you see being real solutions for safety for us all?  

AND:  We’ll be joined by The Ephemory Project, an Oakland photo/story archive of loved ones lost to social, economic and related violence.  The EP seeks to provide a space for contributors to memorialize their losses and a means to connect with other people facing similar issues; and to build awareness about the epidemic of loss some communities are facing due to violence, deportation, lack of health care, and other social and political problems.  Read more and view, here.

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