Stop the Injunctions on KPFA about proposed injunctions against Occupy Oakland activists

Stop the Injunctions on KPFA’s Letters and Politics

Injunction coverage starts at Minute 25

This is a good overview of Quan’s proposed injunctions against Occupy Oakland activists and the injunctions already in place against the Fruitvale and North Oakland neighborhoods.  Even though City Council unanimously voted back in May not to issue any more injunctions in Oakland and they also stated on record in November that injunctions are not effective, injunctions are popping up again, threatening to criminalize people for movement and behavior/activities.  Again, we see Oakland Police violating their own policies and using incredible violence against Oakland residents and activists and then blaming the victims.

This latest round of most public police violence speaks to how OPD and City government operates.  The discontent around jobs, housing, healthcare, education that the Occupy movement has amplified, but that has been at the core of demands that marginalized communities have been making for generations in Oakland, the OPD and City Council does not address these; they instead use police power and try to police their way out of the problem.  Policing never solves social problems.

STIC and allies like Critical Resistance are troubled by how use of the Occupy injunctions could serve to justify and perpetuate the police violence in communities in Oakland on the day to day, particularly how they police black and brown communities.

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