César Chávez Celebration in Dover Park and California Gang Injunction Updates

Join STIC at the César Chávez Youth Day Celebration this Sunday!

*Music*Art*Aztec Ceremony*Free Food*Garden*

Sunday April 1, 11am-3pm
@ Healthy Hearts Garden, Dover Park (57th ‘n Dover, North Oakland)

Hosted by Phat Beets and featuring rad community groups like Xicana Moratorium Coalition


In the news:

Santa Barbara Gang Injunction May Hinge Disclosure of Juvenile Records: The City of Santa Barbara is facing opposition to the injunction they sought a year ago because, as we’ve seen in Oakland also, the injunction case in court (and “gang identification”) relies on “juvenile court and arrest records, which are confidential under Welfare and Institutions Code 827.”  Jammed up in court now, the judge is deciding “which rules apply to the police information from “contacts” and run-ins with the defendants that didn’t result in an arrest.”  Read about it more here.  As you read, something to think about: how are youth criminalized?  How does law enforcement (police, juvenile hall, the legal system) target youth and then increasingly inflict further harm as people get older, justifying it with cop-activity from years earlier?

Also, the Central Valley town of Sanger, outside of Fresno, is targeting 21 people in their second gang injunction since 2003.  The Fresno District Attorney is pursuing the case, which will be funneling more money into Sanger’s fledgling 2-officer  Multi-Agency Gang Enforcement Consortium (MAGEC).  Read more about it here; note: heavy police and legal system-biased reporting.  Where’s any discussion of real solutions that serve communities, come out of community activity (self-determination), or address people’s needs?  As with any news of police and lawyers using gang injunctions as tools, STIC asks where are the resources for programs and services that address the roots of harm and violence?!  Injunctions steal limited resources and energy from solutions that work.

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