Come garden on Thursday!

Stop the Injunctions Coalition is continuing to build stronger ties and political awareness in Oakland.  Over the last couple weeks, we’ve been in the community with Phat Beets at the Cesar Chavez Celebration in Dover Park (North Oakland), at the Occupy Oakland/Black Panther Reunion BBQ in Lil Bobby Hutton Park (West Oakland), and getting our hands dirty pulling out weeds for a fantastic garden project on Foothill Avenue (East Oakland).  All over the city, we are excited by the steady building momentum as people come together to create the neighborhoods they want to live in.

GET INVOLVED! The community garden project is underway!  Neighbors and organizers are meeting in the plot next to Mi Carnal market at 28th and Foothill on Thursdays at 4:30 pm.  Come!  Bring a trowel/shovel and workgloves.

This week we’ll be pulling out the overgrowth of poppies, stinging nettles and grasses to make room for a wood chip delivery.  Last week we made a huge compost pile of weeds, picked up 5 bags of trash, and took soil samples to check for heavy metals in the ground.  With work and enthusiasm, we look forward to building a real community safe space: a place to gather, to grow healthy food and to display/host art.  We are still in the ‘building’ phase, but neighbors are already excited about a seed swap and planting party.

The garden project is looking for donations!  Needed: good soil, redwoods planks for raised beds, and– for future– seeds, starts and perhaps a simple tool shed.

Come on Thursdays if you are interested or email us.

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