Garden underway

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We’ve been hard at work.  We cleared a lot of weeds in the lot and took out five huge bags of trash.   We got the soil tests back today and there are no heavy metals, which means we can plant into the ground.  There was so much growing in the soil: chard, poppies and a cherry tree!

We built a compost box.  And put in two weeks of weeding work into our compost system.  Mi Carnal next door is putting their rotting produce into the compost too.  Perfect for making soil!  We’ll have fresh dirt in two months!

One afternoon Abdul at Mi Carnal gave use fresh bananas.  And families arrived.  We all hung out and admired our first new project completed.

Come work next Thursday May 3.  Bring a pick-axe, shovel, or something to dig the soil up.  We’re making beds!

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