Alan Blueford’s family shuts down City Council, OPD admits it has no strategy

The Oakland Police Department, under constant threat of federal receivership, reported yesterday that it has no comprehensive crime fighting plan despite much lip service in the last six months to additional policing schemes—hot spot policing, the maligned 100 block plan, and the shuffling of problem-solving officers (PSO’s) back to beats.

This news was released after Tuesday night’s City Council meeting dissolved into a chaotic melee around the city’s stagnant investigation into the killing of teenager Alan Blueford .  Blueford’s family, community members and allies packed the City Hall chambers, demanding answers and lasting changes that will prevent future police violence.  OPD and City Council had no information, not even a police report, to show for months of stalling over the summer.  OPD Chief Howard Jordan was a no-show, even though he was scheduled to give a crime reduction strategies report.  Not very surprising, considering news this morning was the OPD’s admittance that they had no strategy for the coming months.

Again, we are forced to wonder what exactly the OPD does with 40% of the city’s general fund.  Whether disorganization or unwillingness, it’s appalling that the OPD can’t even get it together to provide a police report to Blueford’s family.  It is appalling that City Council remains ineffective in making this happen also.  With elections coming up, STIC has our ears to the ground for which candidates refuse to hear the loud and clear demands of the people: AN END TO POLICE VIOLENCE, and END TO MORE POLICE TOOLS, like gang injunctions.