Oakland 2012 Election Guides from XMC

Read up on where the Oakland City Council Candidates stand on the gang injunctions and issues of policing.*  Guides are ready to print out and photocopy double-sided.  Guides include history of injunctions and the impacts of policing and gentrification in the neighborhoods.

XMC All City voter guide: Info on North Oakland (District 1), Fruitvale (District 5), and At-Large candidates.

Check out the RESOURCES page for more election materials.

*(Note: “policing” refers to the policing as an action as well as an institution.  “Policing” does not refer to just the Oakland Police Department, police officers or people paid by the city to surveil, capture and cage. Policing includes community watch, community or civilian police who are volunteers or people unaffiliated with the state who take it upon themselves to surveil, target, and detain people whom they deem suspicious or suspect.  Often “community policing” works hand in hand with police departments, however, turning people over to the city/state for arrests, snitching or alerting police bodies of the state police.)