This Tuesday the Oakland City Council’s Public Safety Committee will decide whether to offer the infamous William Bratton and his consulting firm a $250,000 contract to consult with the OPD. 

Bratton’s “zero tolerance” policing strategies–which include gang injunctions, stop and frisk, gang databases and “quality of life” ordinances–have had a destructive impact on communities of color in cities across the US and the world.  Oakland has already sent a crystal clear message against Bratton’s gang injunctions that forced both former police chief, Anthony Batts, and former City Attorney, John Russo, out of office and out of town.

Stop the Injunctions Coalition asks you–our allies, friends and neighbors–to join us one more time to convince City Council to say “NO” to Bratton and his destructive policies, and “YES” to community based solutions that keep Oakland safe and strong!

Oakland City Hall – 14th & Broadway

Sign up here and fill out a speaker card if you want to voice your opinion at the meeting.  We will provide talking points to support you!

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