Growing Our Roots: Reclaiming Our Fruitvale

On Sunday, August 7th community members from across Fruitvale came together with Stop the Injunctions Coalition (STIC), Eastside Arts Alliance, and other community-based organizations to beautify and celebrate our neighborhood. The mural and block party were proposed by Ruben & Mikey–members of STIC & defendants on the injunction list. Thanks to their energy & hard work, they were able to pull together other coalition and community members for what we hope is just the first of many more safe spaces for our youth, friends & family.

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We would like to give thanks to everyone that came out to show support & help make this event happen:

Friday May 6th: PACK THE COURT!!!




1225 FALLON ST., DEPT. 1
***Check our Facebook event page as the location will likely be changing***

Now, more than ever, we need folks to turn out & pack the courtroom. Everyone that has contributed to the work, showed up at City Hall, kept track of the struggle via Facebook or our blog, commented on any of the articles covering the injunctions, or supported us during our Week of Action–NOW IS THE TIME FOR YOU TO CONTINUE TO SHOW YOUR OPPOSITION TO THE INJUNCTIONS & SHOW SOLIDARITY WITH THE INDIVIDUALS AND COMMUNITIES MOST IMPACTED.

   The Court will be hearing final arguments on “Phase One” of the proposed Fruitvale gang injunction. The Court is considering issuing an injunction against five defendants as well as the “gang” of Fruitvale Nortenos, sued like a labor union (as an “unincorporated association”). The defense team is representing two of the defendants in jeopardy — Javier Quintero and Abel Manzo. Three other defendants, who were served with documents but who have not been able to participate in their legal defense, also face an injunction (these are Alberto Acosta, Antonio Lambaren, and Joey Anthony Martinez).

This will be a critical moment, not only for Abel and Javier, but also for the entire Fruitvale community. Judge Freedman will likely decide on the size of any injunction (400 blocks? 40 blocks?). He will decide on the terms of the injunction (no wearing red? no graffiti, even with permission? no drugs, legal or illegal?). Whatever decision he makes, he needs to know that the community is watching.


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