Supercop’s Powers Weakened: Media coverage reflects the changing conversation about Bratton coming to town

Our large anti-Bratton mobilizations to City Hall have dramatically shifted the conversation around the Bratton and Wasserman contract in Oakland. The broad slew of media coverage below show a changing conversation where politicians have distanced themselves from Bratton’s notorious zero-tolerance policing policies and are now even going to lengths to hide him from the public.  While the contract was approved by the City Council, we succeeded in shifting the terms of the debate.  Bratton will be coming in much more feeble and under the watch of a strong popular front that stands united against his suppression policing tactics:

“But that plan changed after it became clear that Bratton’s support for aggressive police tactics made him a lightning rod for protesters who filled the council’s chamber two weeks in a row. Instead, Bratton’s consulting duties in Oakland will be limited to behind-the-scenes work surveying crime reduction efforts, setting forth a crime reduction strategy and interviewing city leaders.”

Media Round Up City Council Vote on Bratton 1.22.12!/news/local/Oakland-Hiring-Bill-Bratton-Puts-Police–Mayor-on-Defense/188138341!news/c66t

STIC/ Critical Resistance on The Morning Mix with Davey D

Listen to Critical Resistance members (part of the Stop the Injunctions Coalition) talk about Bratton-style policing!  After last night’s lively City Hall session, round out your knowledge of why Oaklanders continue to reject zero-tolerance policing strategies, like gang injunctions, youth curfews, and other tactics that rely on containment and repression.

THE MORNING MIX, Jan 15, 2013: