Goodbye, John Russo

Dear Coalition members, supporters, and curious future allies,

As you know, last Friday was John Russo’s last day as the City Attorney of Oakland. His plan to roll out a series of gang injunctions across Oakland was met with strong, well organized opposition and a firestorm of controversy. Unable to take the heat, Russo is moving on to take a position as City Manager for Alameda. As Russo and OPD chief Anthony Batts seemed to be the only genuine proponents of the gang injunctions, Russo’s resignation signals a major victory in the fight against the use of injunctions in our city.

Our work together to build a broad, diverse, dynamic movement against gang injunctions helped apply pressure to Russo and the City Attorney’s office, exposed their wasteful use of city resources during tight economic times, and ensured that the voices of people across Oakland were heard.

We know this fight is much bigger than any one person. And the fight against the implementation of the pending injunction in the Fruitvale and the temporary injunction in North Oakland continues. We need to keep up the opposition to the injunctions even as we continue to demonstrate ways of building the kind of neighborhood safety that really works in the long term. As we take a moment to celebrate the tremendous victories we have already won, as we move into the next phase of this struggle for self-determination, our commitment and solidarity are more important than ever.

We’re including the following video to remind ourselves why we’re happy to say goodbye to John Russo:

Oakland City Attorney John Russo Says Goodbye from Critical Resistance on Vimeo.

Week of Action in Review


“We want education, we we want education! Keep us out of jail, keep keep us out of jail! No police violence, no no police violence! Stop the gang injunctions, stop STOP THE GANG INJUNCTIONS!”

-Youth chant as they marched to City Hall to voice their demands and stop the injunctions.

MONDAY– 2/28 Press Conference @ Fremont Federation of Schools

Speakers included:

Betty Olson-Jones, President of the Oakland Education Association; Candice Valenzuela of Media College Preparatory High School in the Fruitvale; and Jackie García of Xicáno Moratorium Coalition will speak out against the injunctions and draw attention to trade offs in the City’s budget priorities.

For photos from Press Conference click here!

TUESDAY– 3/1 Our Communities! Our Solutions! Bike Rides around the “Safety Zones”

Cyclists ride through the “safety zone” to protest gang injunctions (North Oakland)

Pictures from North Oakland Ride

WEDNESDAY– 3/2 Day of Education & Youth Concert

“We want the funding that is going into these gang injunctions to be going towards our education, after school programs, thing that will actually be helping out community.” -One of the Youth who was part of the High school walk out that kicked off the Friday rally.

THURSDAY– 3/3 Stop ALL Violence Vigil @ Lake Merritt

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FRIDAY– 3/4 Rally to Stop the Gang Injunctions @ City Hall

Youth March and Rally Pictures

Scores rally at Oakland City Hall to protest proposed Fruitvale gang injunction

Information and Pictures from Rally

Overview of Week:

KPFA Report and Interviews **go to around 7 mins, after headlines

Oakland Tribune My Word: Oakland residents must stop the gang injunctions (Angela Davis op-ed)

Interview about the Gang Injunctions